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EmmaRoydes - Nov 20, 2014 11:28am, #72055

It's what I live for :o)

EmmaRoydes - Nov 19, 2014 5:58pm, #72052

-1L on your comment for misspelling non sequitur

EmmaRoydes - Nov 19, 2014 8:42am, #72045

Now deny that you are a steenkeeng commie

EmmaRoydes - Nov 19, 2014 8:41am, #72044

Here's cannabal's facebook profile pic: http://102cherrywu.weebly.com/uploads/1/7/8/1/17811369/7470286_orig.jpg

EmmaRoydes - Nov 19, 2014 8:39am, #72043

These blinders are the latest fashion accessories from Paris. I like them.

EmmaRoydes - Nov 18, 2014 10:08am, #72027

Liberalism: political and economic doctrine that aims to replace private property and a profit-based economy with public ownership and communal control of at least the major means of production (e.g., mines, mills, and factories) and natural resources

EmmaRoydes - Nov 18, 2014 12:06am, #72023

Too bad they lost their way. Now they are the Pied Piper Party

EmmaRoydes - Nov 17, 2014 2:55pm, #72019

It's not the members of the site that might think that, it's the potential new members that wouldn't know and might be hesitant to join.

EmmaRoydes - Nov 17, 2014 1:17pm, #72017

I think it's a vast improvement over letting people think that this site is a safe harbor for ultra-racists

EmmaRoydes - Nov 14, 2014 10:07am, #72009

Plus, there are many videos and articles with Gruber detailing the deception the dems had to use to get the bill passed

EmmaRoydes - Nov 13, 2014 9:56pm, #72007

nuh uh

EmmaRoydes - Nov 13, 2014 9:41am, #72004

Nyet Neutrality

EmmaRoydes - Nov 10, 2014 4:30pm, #71995

It wasn't famine that caused the downturn, it was over production. big difference.

EmmaRoydes - Nov 10, 2014 4:28pm, #71994

What was supposed to help the farmers, the Smoot-Hawley Tariff, caused even more layoffs and economic woes after it was applied to all industries instead of just farmers.

EmmaRoydes - Nov 10, 2014 4:20pm, #71993

You can look almost anywhere on the internet and see that farming was a major contributor in the 20s to the Great Depression. for instance: http://www.slideshare.net/kansaskitchen/5-main-causes-of-the-great-depression

EmmaRoydes - Nov 10, 2014 2:02am, #71989

Is there really any question how the choomer-in-chief and media will spin it all? The only difference will be the stench of desperation they will add to it.

EmmaRoydes - Nov 10, 2014 1:58am, #71988

and it snow balled from there.

EmmaRoydes - Nov 10, 2014 1:57am, #71987

There were so many causal factors in the Great Depression that had nothing to do with income inequality. One of the biggest causal factors was agricultural overproduction and debt which caused the run on banks which caused thousands of banks to collapse.

EmmaRoydes - Nov 7, 2014 3:57pm, #71928

I think that would apply to other people's money

EmmaRoydes - Nov 6, 2014 11:41pm, #71914

or arrogantly stupid

EmmaRoydes - Nov 6, 2014 10:18am, #71907

I would venture a guess that he's both

EmmaRoydes - Nov 6, 2014 12:16am, #71901

nah, man, I think they are being made in Mexico now. Maybe twinkies stuffed with Acapulco gold.

EmmaRoydes - Nov 5, 2014 7:52pm, #71896

or how about when Harry Reid said all the people who told horror stories about obamacare were liars?

EmmaRoydes - Nov 5, 2014 7:49pm, #71895

Or any of these: http://www.politifact.com/personalities/barack-obama/statements/byruling/false/

EmmaRoydes - Nov 5, 2014 7:45pm, #71894

Or maybe If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.

EmmaRoydes - Nov 5, 2014 9:24am, #71889

Let's just hope the new congress is smarter than the last one and does their job - legislating the will of the people.

EmmaRoydes - Nov 5, 2014 1:25am, #71886

Here, grab one of these twinkies and let's talk about, uh, ok ...

EmmaRoydes - Nov 4, 2014 1:21am, #71881

and after you ban these racists, you should remove their comments so that it doesn't make the site look like it supports this garbage.

EmmaRoydes - Nov 4, 2014 1:20am, #71880

Holy crap! I get banned for a week and when I come back, this site is just chock full of racists and anti-semites. What's this world coming to? I hope you have your ban hammer handy mooo

EmmaRoydes - Oct 27, 2014 6:09pm, #71699

Let me beat cranky to the punch: So… let me get this straight OTC… you're now opposed to the 2nd amendment?

EmmaRoydes - Oct 27, 2014 6:07pm, #71698

No liberal has one

EmmaRoydes - Oct 27, 2014 2:57pm, #71696

oh, and foodstamps

EmmaRoydes - Oct 27, 2014 2:56pm, #71695

But they made up for it with increased numbers of people in social security disability and unemployment

EmmaRoydes - Oct 23, 2014 2:26pm, #71673

don't forget the illegals

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 6:56pm, #71656

Petroleum, you have to be kidding. USGS estimates we have 2.3 trillion barrels in un***ped reserves.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 6:53pm, #71655

Communism? Where did I say anything about communism?

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 6:52pm, #71654

Geeze, that's a real tough one. Socialism: a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 5:45pm, #71651

He is still starting it

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 5:44pm, #71650

Neither of which has anything to do with the definition of socialism, but everything to do with stupidity.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 5:42pm, #71649

greg abbot because he is in a wheel chair.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 5:41pm, #71648

The war in Iraq was just a stupid move by the government and had nothing to do with capitalism. It's like slamming socialism because a socialist president allow the fed to pump so much money into finding out why les***** are fat or wendy davis attacking

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 4:02pm, #71640

The first one was from nsidc.org and the second one is from answers.com

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 3:50pm, #71639

Its average thickness is about 1.6 km. The deepest known ice rests 2,555 meters below sea level, where the ice is over 4 kilometers thick.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 3:49pm, #71638

The ice cap that covers Antarctica is more than 2100 meters thick in places, more than two kilometers (1.3 miles). This is where most of the world's fresh water is contained. If it melted completely it would raise sea levels by 61 meters (200 feet).

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 3:40pm, #71637

Antarctic ice is typically 1 to 2 meters (3 to 6 feet) thick, while most of the Arctic is covered by sea ice 2 to 3 meters (6 to 9 feet) thick. Some Arctic regions are covered with ice that is 4 to 5 meters (12 to 15 feet) thick.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 3:37pm, #71636

and that relates to my comment or your poster in what way?

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 2:06pm, #71633

(no work, no money).

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 2:05pm, #71632

(no work, no money).

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 2:05pm, #71631

Communism (like socialism) takes away the incentive to work (no work, no sweat) resulting in dimished wealth for the state. Capitalism generates much more wealth for the state (via taxes) and individuals by increasing the incentive to work

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 9:59am, #71619

Whether or not JunRed is correct about his accusations against FoxRecon, there are still libel and slander laws which would allow foxrecon to counter-sue. I'm not a lawyer, but common sense would show that there's something not right about this.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 20, 2014 9:57am, #71618

Something smells fishy about this whole thing. JunRed claims to have a lawyer who is pursuing cyberbulling accusations, yet allows JunRed to go on a public site and cyberbully FoxRecon?!? No lawyer in his or her right mind would support that.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 13, 2014 10:27am, #71556

Now if we could only replace the RINOs with real conservatives, we would have a fully functioning government and a recovery to boot.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 13, 2014 10:21am, #71555

Hey cranky, when did the federal deficit begin coming down? That's right, when the republicans took over the house and put the brakes on the out of control spending of the democrats.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 13, 2014 10:14am, #71554

It's a liberal tactic. I just wanted to see how it feels to be like an ignorant liberal. The difference being that I did it because it amuses me, you do it because you lose the arguments.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 2:36pm, #71522

and we all know that sea ice comes from warming temperatures, right?

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 2:36pm, #71521

and you could go to the arctic sea ice news and a***ysis site and see that this year set a record in the amount of sea ice

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 2:33pm, #71520

then again, you could go to this link: http://climate.nasa.gov/news/1141/ and see that they admit there's a pause

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 2:27pm, #71516

See the problem with NASA data yet?

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 2:26pm, #71515

How about using the chart with just the title alone in this pdf: http://ceres.larc.nasa.gov/press_releases/lectures/Loeb_LaRC_Colloq.pdf

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 2:24pm, #71512

The correct word is who's, not whose.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 2:23pm, #71511

funny you should ignore the two pieces of information I put up, then whine about ignoring yours.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 2:18pm, #71507

Then again, unlike you, I have an interest in history, not liberal rewriting of history.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 2:17pm, #71505

No, as a matter of fact, I think of Celts

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 2:12pm, #71501

Oh, my, you are right, slavery didn't exist in the north, nor in Canada, nor the UK, right?

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 2:10pm, #71498

No, it doesn't, but if you look at the statement based on NASA data and the chart from NASA, an intelligent person could figure it out. Not that I'm accusing you of that.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 2:09pm, #71497

Nope, those are your words. What makes you think a battle flag is racist?

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 2:08pm, #71496

How long did the canadian flag fly while racism was allowed in canada? Wow! Must be a racist flag. How about England? Union Jack must be a racist symbol too, right?

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 2:06pm, #71494

The US Flag flew over the USA for 86 years while allowing slavery, the battle flag of Northern Virginia was used for 4. So, in your opinion, the US Flag is racist?

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 1:58pm, #71491

so I guess you are saying NASA is in my b***?

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 1:57pm, #71490

CO2 Levels in a chart from NASA can be found at http://climate.nasa.gov/system/resources/detail_files/24_g-co2-l.jpg

EmmaRoydes - Oct 10, 2014 1:55pm, #71489

Citing the latest data from NOAA and NASA, Dr. David Whitehouse, an astrophysicist and academic advisor to the Global Warming Policy Foundation, said that the 2013 global surface-temperature records from both entities show the “pause” in warming continues

EmmaRoydes - Oct 8, 2014 9:50pm, #71476


EmmaRoydes - Oct 8, 2014 9:49pm, #71475

why don't you grow a set and actually login instead of just using the posting routine to put your comments up? Afraid to be exposed for someone who was banned?

EmmaRoydes - Oct 8, 2014 9:47pm, #71474

and that, cranky, is where everything goes haywire. The amount of CO2 in the last 20 years has been increasing, but the temperature hasn't been rising. Strange how facts work, eh?

EmmaRoydes - Oct 8, 2014 9:45pm, #71473

nice one curly! 5Ls for the comment!

EmmaRoydes - Oct 8, 2014 9:34pm, #71472

The funny thing is that her neighbor would not let lerner in.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 7, 2014 10:07am, #71460

symbol of racism doesn't make it so.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 7, 2014 10:06am, #71459

Yeah, why would you want that flag? Let's see, red, white and blue, 13 stars, yeah, that's attrocious. By the way that's the battle flag of Northern Virginia and the X symbolizes the withdrawal from the union. Because certain people bastardized it to be a

EmmaRoydes - Oct 7, 2014 9:58am, #71458

Especially if you discount the importance of Nicolaus Copernicus and Georg von Peuerbach.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 6, 2014 6:25pm, #71455

oh, and the gutenberg press in 1450

EmmaRoydes - Oct 6, 2014 6:24pm, #71454

scientists were really scarce.

EmmaRoydes - Oct 6, 2014 6:24pm, #71453

the anemometer was invented in 1450, the Nürnberg Terrestrial Globe created during the years 1490-1492, England's first printing press in 1476, Da Vinci 1452-1519, did drawings of helicopter, parachute, submarine, centrifigal pump. Yeah, inventors and

EmmaRoydes - Oct 6, 2014 6:18pm, #71452

Must have been the switchover to the Gregorian calendar in 1582

EmmaRoydes - Oct 6, 2014 6:16pm, #71451

It also gets one threatened with physical violence

EmmaRoydes - Sep 25, 2014 7:15pm, #71320

If they all look like her, I'm there!

EmmaRoydes - Sep 24, 2014 2:37am, #71310

gun ownership is a right, not a privilege as stated in the 2nd amendment "...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms..."

EmmaRoydes - Sep 24, 2014 2:31am, #71309

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that driving an automobile was not a right, but a privilege. States can take away a person's privilege to drive if that person doesn't conform to that state's code of safe conduct.

EmmaRoydes - Sep 24, 2014 2:24am, #71308

protect Rights.

EmmaRoydes - Sep 24, 2014 2:24am, #71307

You do not have to ask to exercise a Right. You do have to ask to exercise a privilege. You have a Right to eat. You do not have a Right to eat my food. You have to barter (free market) or I can give it to you (charity) The purpose of government is to

EmmaRoydes - Sep 20, 2014 12:57pm, #71269

What permission are you referring to that doesn't equally apply to a gun?

EmmaRoydes - Sep 20, 2014 12:45pm, #71266

the key word in your statement is "legally". You can do almost anything if you disregard legality. You can commit murder, but not legally. So, I don't understand your point.

EmmaRoydes - Sep 20, 2014 12:42pm, #71265

and ISIS is trying to convince radicals that are already in the USA to commit heinous acts against US soldiers in the homeland.

EmmaRoydes - Sep 20, 2014 12:24pm, #71257

The second amendment covers gun ownership. I don't recall any amendments that cover car ownership (or driving one for that matter)

EmmaRoydes - Sep 19, 2014 4:11pm, #71252

Isn't that the ISIS motto?

EmmaRoydes - Sep 18, 2014 7:40pm, #71242

General Sherman had the best letter to the people of Atlanta during the Civil War: http://taskandpurpose.com/150-years-ago-general-sherman-gave-america-best-definition-war/

EmmaRoydes - Sep 18, 2014 12:57pm, #71241

-- changed my mind, it isn't worth pursuing this line of thought.

EmmaRoydes - Sep 18, 2014 12:56pm, #71240

I thought about giving it a 1L since it wasn't about global warming in general, because, well, just because. Plus angry reactions to anti-global warming posters are just too funny to not prod me into making more. Especially when the response is something

EmmaRoydes - Sep 18, 2014 9:32am, #71237

One other smart thing congress did, when a soldier retires and has a service connected disability, their disability check is taken out of their retirement check. How many other occupations can say that they fund their own disability?

EmmaRoydes - Sep 18, 2014 9:22am, #71236

In fact, both parties loaded up with self-serving idiots.

EmmaRoydes - Sep 18, 2014 8:27am, #71235

I saw a great political cartoon that showed soldiers putting on sneakers with the line "no boots on the ground"